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“With head swimming and heart pounding,
I slid to the floor.
My mind was tearing away at itself,
and my heart shattered inside my chest.
Tears drowned my eyes and I could feel my throat tightening.
I could hear voices all around me,
but I could not make out the words.
Suddenly a teacher scooped me up,
and carried me away.” <i>
i've been thinking a lot about Andrew lately, and something told me to put this up...
SylphaDisaster Featured By Owner May 23, 2008
oh wow, hayes.
me too.
i've been wondering a lot if it's wrong to hold on to him still.
At least I've stopped talking to him though, right?
Ha, I used to speak out loud and expect him to respond.
It really screwed both of us up.
But this is a good account, a really good account.
You did a good job trying to be optimistic till we got the final word though, Hayes.
You did.
xRaynierx Featured By Owner May 23, 2008
thanks halee. yeah, i talk to him too, but it comforts me, so for right now i don't think i'll stop...
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